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  • Multimeter BK-9205
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  • Multimeter BK-9205 03
  • Multimeter BK-9205 04


  • Model: BK-9205
  • Type: Digital Multimeter
  • Test Leads line: 2
  • Weight: 280g
  • Storage temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
  • Operating Environment: 0 to 40℃
  • Display: LCD,1999 counts, updates 2-3/sec.
  • Fuse Protection: F 200mA/250V
  • Frequency range: 40Hz to 400Hz
  • Overload Protection: 250V dc or rms
  • Certificate: CE

Basic Information


The meter is a handheld 31/2 digital multimeter for measuring DC and AC Voltage, DC and AC current, Resistance, Diode, Transistor, frequency, temperature, capacitance and Continuity Test with battery operated, the Back light of display is optional.

1. Before opening the case, always disconnect test leads from all energized circuits.

2. For continue protection against fire, replace fuse only with the specified voltage and current ratings: F 200mA/250V (Quick Acting)

3. Never use the meter unless the back cover is in place and fastened completely.

4. Do not use abrasives or solvents on the meter, to clean it using a damp cloth and mild detergent only.

Multimeter BK-9205 03
Multimeter BK-9205 04
Multimeter BK-9205 05
Multimeter BK-9205 06

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